After 30 years of living on the NSW South Coast, I packed up my studio, grabbed the dog and headed for central Australia.


Going out into the well worn surrounding land of the central desert, in which I live for now, delivers an unending subject matter for my paintings smaller ‘en plein air’ works, as well as larger pieces back in my makeshift  studio.


Imagined landscapes resembling mud maps weave together the celebrated colour, sheer beauty and remoteness of ancient arid environments.  Capturing the ‘feel’ of a place is paramount, the constraints of traditional landscape painting slip away as horizons become duplicated, scale ignored, blocks of saturated colour slot together and skies become filled with pattern.  Travelling  through many layers before arriving at a final destination, I allow the work to grow organically, continually fascinated by the natural world, the macro and micro, the patterns and rhythms of life.


My paintings represent a direct response to this land, Walpiri land